Critical Care


Critical Care is an ambulance driving game, written in less than 3 months, for CPSC 585 (Game Programming) at the University of Calgary. Its main features include:
  • player can select from multiple vehicles
  • pedestrians
  • NPC traffic
  • enemy ambulances controlled by AI
Welcome to the 22nd century, where the costs of healthcare have skyrocketed to the point where hospitals have been forced to privatize ambulance services and individual ambulances have been forced to compete for the patronage of their unforunate clients. You are one of those drivers!! Your goal is to accumulate wealth at the expense of others' suffering by picking up patients scattered around the city and delivering them to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.

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Garret Suen: email, www
Justin Pahl: email, www
Max Dion: email
Reuben Lee: email, www
Tim Madsen: email, www

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